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VBS Investments is a Registered Investment Advisory organization with SEBI that engages in providing investment advisory services and financial planning to individuals, families, foundations & organizations. We understand the need of growing with security & investing for wholesome returns.

The main purpose of our organization is to make it easy for every investor to gain access to appropriate financial planning and financial advice in the complex financial markets of our economy.

We as an organization strongly believe that every investment advice provided to every single investor must be personalized, affordable and committed. After observing the absence of high quality personalized and affordable investment advice to investors on a wide scale, we strongly decided to start VBS Investments to provide a prudent and robust investment advice to investors.


The Vattam family is a multi-generational entrepreneurial family providing excellent and ethical business services to all their clients since more than seven decades. Bhargav Vattam is a part of this prestigious Vattam family and hopes to carry forward the family’s legacy along with his two elder brothers.

He is the founder of VBS Investments and his thoughts, principles and vision lead the company in every aspect. His main goal is to provide the best financial solutions to everyone associated with VBS Investments in a responsible and an ethical way.

Bhargav has worked more than four years for a registered investment advisory firm named Wills Financial Group in Virginia (USA) under the guidance and leadership of Janet Wills who is a mentor and an inspiration to him. Bhargav is always grateful to his academic and professional mentor Dr. David H Downs of Virginia Commonwealth University who is an inspiration for him.

Bhargav has earned a Master of Science in Business Finance from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Christ University in Bangalore.

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